ISCB 2017

The 14th International Conference of ISCB is planned for October 12th ( Thursday ) and 13th ( Friday ) ,
2017 in Moscow, Russian Federation.


Dear colleagues!

It is our pleasure to announce that the 14th International Scientific Conference of the International Society for Clinical Bioethics (ISCB) "Biotechnological human enhancement: social and ethical issues" will take place in October 12-13, 2017 in Moscow, Russian Federation.

The Conference is aimed at broad discussion of the key issues of bioethics, in particular, complex ethical issues arising in the context of development of new biotechnologies and their application to humans not only for therapeutic purposes, but in order to improve physical, mental, intellectual and moral qualities. We are waiting for participation of leading scientists and experts in the fields of medicine, life sciences, philosophy, sociology and law, as well as representatives of various religious denominations and NGOs.

The main topics for discussion:

Enhancement and therapy: whether they need to be differentiated and whether it is possible?

Regulation in the field of human enhancement’s technologies: is it possible?

"Academic doping": equal abilities, equality of opportunity, or ...?

"Faster. Higher. Stronger": is it time for new understanding of sports competition?

Neuroenhancement and neuroethics.

Moral enhancement: new challenges for bioethics?

Biotechnology of happiness: what are the reasons behind attempts to enhance the human being?

Genetic engineering in the context of human enhancement.

Social and ethical issues of "aging population" and the prospects for the development of practices to human enhancement.

The list of topics is not exhaustive, participants are free to choose for their presentations other topics under the general theme of the Conference.

Information support: Web page of ISCB

Web page of "Bioethical forum"

Official languages: English and Russian.

For participation in conference it is necessary to fill in registration form and to send it to the e-mail address humenh@2017. The name of the file has to include surname of the participant.

Requirements to the abstracts: The abstract should not exceed 300 words, Times New Roman, size 12, with one line space between. Information on the author includes name(s) and surname(s), affiliation and country. All submissions will be peer reviewed. The co-organizers will make the final decision on all submissions.

Deadline for registration and submission of abstracts - June 30, 2017.

For additional information it is possible to address: organizing committee humenh@2017 or ISCB General Secretary - Pelcic Gordana M.D.



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